Argonemyth CO., LTD is a company founded by Fei Tan in HongKong.
However, she works as a freelancer & spends most of her time in Mauritius.

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Things you
might want
to know
about me
1 I enjoy turning logic into code;
I also enjoy turning beautiful designs into websites / apps
2 I work better if you know exactly what you want;
After all, I will convert your brain-child into code
3 I have deep respect for people with integrity & willpower -
Those people are of a rare breed
4 I love what I do for a living - creating apps / websites;
But the word 'developer' doesn't define me
5 Why the word 'developer' doesn't define me?
Because I believe we human are capable of doing many different things well
6 I like to go uncharted territories & pushing the boundaries;
or die trying; between curiosity and fear, curiosity wins
7 English is not my native language;
Chinese is & according to Duolingo, I am lvl 10 in French
Not enough?
Care to know
how I perceive
this world?
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  • Crafting Web Apps
  • Designs to Websites
  • Responsive Frond-End Dev
  • Prototyping for Startups
  • Community Web Apps
  • Multi-Lang Websites/Apps
.Skill Meter.
Website & Web App Dev Django
Front-End Dev HTML (HAML) / CSS (SASS, LESS) / JavaScript (jQuery, Knockout.js, Angular.js, Ember.js)
System Administration GNU/Linux, AWS, pfSense, Apache, System Backup/Migration, Bash Scripting...
Database MongoDB, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
Graphic Tools GIMP, Inkscape
Database Neo4j
Website & Web App Dev Node.js